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Veropharm as one of leading Russian manufactures

Veropharm, one of the leading Russian manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical products, was founded in 1997. Veropharm focuses on producing high quality affordable medicines in oncology, women’s health, gastroenterology, infections, dermatology and CNS, as well as medical products.

In total, Veropharm produces over 300 primarily generic pharmaceuticals.

Veropharm is recognized as the largest producer of oncology medicines in volume terms (packs).

Veropharm is also well-known for its high quality medical plasters, produced at the Voronezh plant which was a pioneer in medical plasters manufacturing in USSR having launched it in 1944. Several Veropharm plasters were included in “100 Best Products of Russia” list.

In 2014, Veropharm became part of Abbott, a global healthcare company.

Abbott’s Veropharm team efficiently works to offer reasonable solutions elevating the level of the today’s medication therapy, and to manufacture high quality and affordable medical products for millions of Russians using its unique expertise and experience of many years.


Provide the human health care with the affordable and high quality Russian medicines.


To be a trusted leader on the pharmaceutical market effectively improving the quality and expanding the range of products.